Umar Sayeed’s collection: And then there was light…

Sayeed employs chiffon, silk and pure cotton in his latest collection. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY


Designer Umar Sayeed launched his collection labeled Umar Light, at The House of Ensemble on 3rd June. Umar Light — the designer’s third label — comes as a successor to the designer’s previous collections, Umar Psyche and Umar Batool, which are also in stock at The House of Ensemble.

Sayeed employs chiffon, silk and pure cotton in his garments and each of his outfits has a unique look. The designer apparel incorporates the same cuts, flairs and style that Sayeed is well-known for.  Additionally, the colours used in this collection are mainly black, white and fuscia — the Karachi-based designer’s trademark colours.

“I have named it ‘Light’ because firstly the word ‘light’ alludes to shine and secondly because the dresses are literally light, because they are flowing,” explained the renowned couturier. “This is a limited collection because it has only 50 pieces and thus is it definitely a very different one.”

Shezray Husain, co-owner and director of The House of Ensemble, described the repertoire as a “global collection”.

“Sayeed has created a fantastic look for local and destination weddings. The Pakistani expats who live abroad can wear it to weddings and fundraisers and also to other formal events. It’s a complete summer and evening wear,” she explained.

Each piece from the assortment has been priced at Rs45,000. The designer justifies the exorbitant pricing by saying that his outfits can be worn on many occasions — weddings, dinners and evening party events — and thus do not have limited utility like exclusive bridal or pret wear.

Although several outfits from the collection have sold out, many pieces are still on display at The House of Ensemble.


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