8 Hair-Tie Alternatives to Up Your ‘Do

hair-tie is such a finite, plain Jane way to cap off a hairstyle. There are plenty of ways to put your hair up without such a boring bit of elastic tying you down. They’ve been stifling wrist circulation since its invention and it’s high time to put a stop to this humdrum hair-don’t. Time to create a cooler coiffure, sans scünci. Here are some alternatives. 

8 Hair Tie Alternatives to Up Your Do

Whoaaaa a Double Hair-Bow!

What: Silk scarf, 5’ long, 6” wide

How: Place scarf under hair and pull up. Smooth out hair and wrap scarf 2-3 times at base for support. Tie into a bow, pulling the loops as far as they will go (without the loose ends slipping through, becoming a knot). Take a side from each bow arch and tie them into another bow. Expand the loops as wide as they go, and there you go.

8 Hair Tie Alternatives to Up Your Do

Sized Up Fedora

What: Wide brim straw fedora, one size bigger than you’d normally wear.

How: Stuff all of your hair into the hat, letting some of it emerge from the beneath the brim. You don’t want to look hairless.

8 Hair Tie Alternatives to Up Your Do

Raising the Barrette

What: Metal squeeze-release clips

How: Twist hair into a bun atop your head. Bring the end of your hair forward on the last twist. Clip that bit to the roots of your hair. Let the ends fray forward.

8 Hair Tie Alternatives to Up Your Do

Smooth Tied Caplet

What: Silk square headscarf, 3’ by 3’

How: Fold in half along the diagonal. Scrunch all hair to the back of your head. Place fold along the backside of your hairline, pressing mass of hair into the scarf. Bring the two corners forward and wrap them around so they tie in the back. Here’s the key: bring the middle point of the triangle over to one side and tie it in the same knot as the other two ends. Make a bow, or knot and tuck the ends.

8 Hair Tie Alternatives to Up Your Do

Hair Hammock Headband

What: A favorite of hippies everywhere it’s 1/3 encased elastic, 2/3 spreadable fabric.

How: Place all hair into the “hammock” part as you pull the elastic around your head. I like doing it at a slight angle with the elastic in front, but place it to taste.

8 Hair Tie Alternatives to Up Your Do

Self-Contained Braid

What: Thin silk scarf, 5’ long, 6” wide

How: Tie the scarf around a low ponytail. Split hair into three sections for a braid and place the two ends of the scarf with a section. Braid normally, making sure the scarf shows through. At the base of the braid, wrap each end of the scarf twice then tie the ends in a knot.

8 Hair Tie Alternatives to Up Your Do

Bow to the Fifties Housewife

What: Headscarf, 3′ by 3′

How: Fold at the diagonal, and again so the point is at the folded edge. Smush your hair into a wad at the back of your head, and cup it with the middle of the scarf, point side touching the hair (the outer layer should be smooth). Pull tight and tie in a bow just above your temple. Pull out the edges of the arches so that the bow reaches its fullest capacity. If you have bangs, let them hang out.

8 Hair Tie Alternatives to Up Your Do

Over Comb

What: Decorative comb from the days of yore.

How: Bring hair to a low ponytail, wrapping the base with a small chunk of hair. Secure it together by sinking the teeth of the comb in.

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