Exploitation of teachers by private schools goes unnoticed

Exploitation of teachers by private schools goes unnoticed
Islamabad, June 27: An unfortunate aspect in relation to private sector schools which goes almost unnoticed every year is non-payment of salaries to the teachers during annual summer vacation.

Except a few big names in the private sector, many of the private schools either do not pay salaries to their teachers at all or pay half amount despite the fact the schools charge full fee from students and in most of the cases that too in advance. It is also an unfortunate reality that sometimes before the start of summer break, teachers are said goodbye by the management with an aim to save the amount to be spent on their salaries and subsequently fresh appointments are made after the summer holidays by these private schools.

This year too, in the ongoing summer break which will continue till August 14, there are reports about non-payment of salaries to teachers. The situation needs prompt action by those at the helm. Many of the private schools have introduced different categories of teachers and pay them salaries in summer vacation as per their experience unlike the practice these schools follow in routine.

Another important point which needs to be highlighted is related to low salary structure of teachers and job insecurity at private schools.

But since there is no regulatory body of the Punjab government to monitor and regulate affairs of the private schools, there are serious apprehensions among the academic circles that private sector would continue its unbridled working and would keep on exploiting teachers.


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