IIUI terminated teachers

IIUI terminates nine teachers
Islamabad, June 22: Following the criteria set by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for appointing teaching faculty, the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) on Tuesday terminated teachers who did not meet the conditions.

Nine teachers were informed that their services were not needed as they did not meet HEC’s criteria to become professors, assistant professors and lecturers.

Gulzar Ahmad, director general administration, finance, and planning of the university said that the laid off individuals were hired because of their expertise in the relevant fields required at the time under the university’s market oriented plans. “It was need of the hour back then. They were hired because they were experts in their fields.”

The teachers had been working with the IIU for the past five to six years as consultants and senior consultants in the teaching departments.

But meeting HEC criteria was not the only reason for their ouster, according to the official. “They were hired on higher salaries than the regular staff.”

However these teachers, who had been given one month notice before termination, were at the same time advised to apply for faculty positions advertised by IIUI, as per their qualifications and teaching experiences. “IIUI wants to fill all vacant posts in different departments and faculties of the university on merit and according to HEC criteria,” the official said. Dawn


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