Punjab University faculty members IJT hooliganism widely condemned

PU teachers condemn IJT hooliganism
Lahore, June 28: Punjab University faculty members on Monday unanimously passing a resolution to strongly condemned the recent hooliganism by the Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) at the campus.

They also expressed solidarity with teachers and students of the Philosophy Department who were injured in the incident and unanimously agreed that law-breakers should be dealt according to the law and action should be taken against them. A meeting of all heads, deans and professors of the university was called on Monday morning to discuss violence, lawlessness and hooliganism by the IJT activists. All the faculty members condemned the IJT for barbarism. Prof Dr Sajid Ali, Chairman Philosophy Department, Prof Shahid Mahmood Gull, Hostel Superintendent No 7 and Hassan Siddiqi, Assistant Superintendent Hostel narrated the whole episode before all faculty members. Later, the students who were brutally tortured by the IJT activists allegedly by chains and butts of pistols showed their wounds to all the faculty members there. The faculty expressed deepest sense of sorrow. Meanwhile, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed alarm at torture of the students of PU’s Philosophy Department by the armed activists allegedly belonging to the IJT. According to a statement on Monday by the HRCP said: “The Commission notes with concern that the intimidation and harassment of students and teachers at the Punjab University’s Philosophy Department by activists allegedly belonging to IJT. Over two dozen youths, at least five of them carrying firearms and the rest armed with rods and sticks, attacked Hostel Number 7 of the university and dragged students of the Philosophy Department out of their rooms and severely beat them up. The news

Fairer sex gives Jamiat the jitters
Lahore: The girl students of the Punjab University have dared Islami Jamiat Tulaba (IJT) activists who harass and torture students and create bedlam to enforce “Islamic values” on the campus.

The IJT, which has been cornered by the administration, has tried to make a comeback through torturing an innocent student of philosophy department, Kashif, found talking with his female class-fellow. The female students have identified that statistics department’s student Ahmad Rathore and mathematics department’s Ibrar had thrashed their class-fellow.

Punjab University IJT Nazim Zubair Safdar says the Jamiat will never tolerate students and their supporters in faculty involved in immoral activities, and will block all anti-Islamic activities on university campuses.

The Punjab University administration, however, says it is none of Jamiat’s business to torture students for any reason. The administration itself checks immoral or illegal activities and taking actions.

This time, girl students put up a fierce protest against IJT hooligans, which also encouraged their male colleagues and soon students from philosophy as well as other departments joined the demonstration followed by a sit-in outside the vice-chancellor’s office. The protest continued for two days last week and IJT hoodlums could not deter them. The students demanded that the vice-chancellor, the chief minister and the governor ensure that the hooligans be thrown out of the campus.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran assured the students that the activists involved in torturing students and misbehaving with teachers would be taken to task. If you talk to anyone on the campus, it is in the air that the Jamiat activists will escape “unhurt”.

Dr Kamran, however, seems serious. “The IJT vigilantes should know that they are no more recognised on the varsity campus and all of their offices, including those on Hostel No 1 and Hailey College, have already been sealed.” He also said that some elements (teachers), who were “recruited” against the merit in the past, were now ‘harbouring’ IJT hoodlums. He also alleged that IJT activists were involved in car thefts and other criminal activities on university campus.

The present Punjab University administration has lodged some 26 FIRs against the IJT activists primarily for abducting and torturing students. Some 30 motorbikes theft cases have also been reported to the Muslim Town police.

A senior varsity official says that 60 IJT activists were nominated in these FIRs and half of them have already left the university. However, the remaining 50 per cent of the nominated accused are residing in PU Hostel No 11 and Islamic Centre; Government Science College, Wahdat Road; Islamia College, Civil Lines; and Mansoora. These activists gather on PU campuses on a phone call from the IJT leadership.

In order to purge hostels of illegal occupants, PU Resident Officer-I Javed Sami says that in the summer vacation beginning from July 4, the university will ensure zero occupancy in hostels. The university will re-allot hostel rooms to only bonafide students at the end of summer vacation.

Responding to IJT activists’ claim that they thrash students, who were found involved in “immoral” activities with their female class-fellows, Mr Sami outrightly rejected their claim and added that it was none of their business to take law into their hands. He said the university administration was fulfilling its duty properly and added that it could also not allow the IJT activists to use abusive language against teachers.

In the latest case, the PU administration has referred the discipline case to the statistics and mathematics departments so that their disciplinary committees grill the two nominated accused. The case will finally be heard by the PU’s Discipline Committee for a final decision.

With regard to police’s role, the RO-I said the police cooperate but owing to political pressures sometimes they act as silent spectators. Dawn

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