Swabi college hostel a picture of neglect

Swabi college hostel a picture of neglect
Swabi, June Students staying in the only hostel of the Swabi Postgraduate College have been facing many problems due to negligence of the college administration.

The students told this correspondent on Tuesday that the hostel was the most neglected buildings of the college and needed immediate attention of the principal.

Usually the students leave the hostel during summer vacations but there are still some who have to stay to prepare for the examination. Majority of the students belong to the far-flung mountainous region of Gadoon Amazai and they have not option but to stay in the hostel despite almost no facilities.

The students alleged that the sanitation staff did not perform their duty and the dining hall was presenting a view of an archeological site as all the walls had been blackened by the smoke coming from the kitchen. The students said they had no option but to stay in the hostel.

The students have to rely on hand fans most of the time due to prolonged loadshedding, which has also badly affected their preparation for the upcoming BA/BSc examination. They said they were forced to pass sleepless nights due to hide and seek of the electricity.

The students said only one washroom was functioning in the hostel while the remaining had been chocked. “There is always a big line to the washroom early in the morning,” said one of the students. “An awful smell was emanating from there”, he complained.

A student, Gul Nawar Shah who hails from mountainous region of Utala said: “You are talking about the warden. We have even appealed to the ministers and other officials to direct the sanitation staff to clean the washrooms but to no avail”.

Mohammad Pervez Khan, the hostel warden, was not available for comment.

However another official said that a grant for bringing about improvement in the hostel had been approved. Dawn

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