Amy Winehouse’s Website Gets Hacked

That she’s been having a bad run these last couple of months is an understatement. Just recently, Amy Winehouse‘s post-rehab tour completely tanked. And who can forget her show in Belgrade, where it was made perfectly clear that she wasn’t capable of speech, much less singing. Now, Amy’s website’s been hacked by a nasty little group called SwagSec. Why? Because they want to “take back the Internet from the white devil.”

That’s what they wrote in the rambling curse filled message they left on her site, which also included a bizarre, “DEATH 2 THE WHITE DEVIL.” Just charming, guys. Amy’s website still isn’t fixed because it links directly to her Facebook page now. Plus, if you Google it, it shows up as “Amy Winehouse — SWAGGER SECURITY.” That wasn’t always there was it? Looks like SwagSec got Amy pretty bad! We wonder if anyone else is on their hit list?

[Photo: WENN]


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