Jackass Pays Tribute With Ryan Dunn Memorial Video


Don’t watch this video if you’ve just been antiqued; the flour on your face will form a kind of impenetrable glue when it mixes with your tears. The men of Dickhouse Productions aired their Ryan Dunn tribute video Wednesday night at a memorial service at Paramount Pictures in L.A. The memorial came less than two weeks after Ryan Dunn’s death in a car accident, which also took the life of friend Zachary Hartwell. Obviously made with love and an attention to humiliation, the video celebrates every face plant, motorbike jump and dive into a sewage treatment facility that made Dunn a star on Jackass and, later, Viva La Bam. Other clips like those from the Jackass Black Swan parody and Jackass 3D round out the memorial to a man with a passion for stunts, a close circle of friends and an incredibly high tolerate for wiener-related pain. He will be missed.

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