Lindsay Lohan Celebrates End Of House Arrest With Emile Hirsch

Lindsay Lohan is free (again) and so she went out to celebrate (again)! Lohan hit up The Lexington Social Club (which is actually a restaurant) with actor pal Emile Hirsch, who worked with Kristen Stewart in Into the Wild. The starlet was accosted by a herd of paparazzi waiting to talk her photo as she emerged in a demure black dress.

Lindsay seems to be attempting to rehab her image a bit. She was released from house arrest yesterday after 35 days and started in on her 480 hours of community service at the Downtown Women’s Center. She tweeted, “had a great day today at the Downtown Women’s Center… Thank you everyone, staff, volunteers, and the amazing women i get to see for being so kind.”

If you were like us and wondered aloud, ” Wait, she’s friends with Emile Hirsch?!” The answer is yes, she’s friends with Emile Hirsch. They apparently did karaoke together in 2007 and she’s tweeted in support of his films before. Sweet!

[Photo: WENN]


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