No major changes in matric syllabus since 1995

No major changes in matric syllabus since 1995
Karachi: The curriculum of Sind’s current matriculation system governs the academic development of students across the province just as much as the quality of teachers or educational facilities, but the syllabus has not seen any significant changes since 1995 and current attempts add serious amendments have been unsuccessful due to legal formalities.

As a result of these legalitites, the bill drafted in this regard has yet to be tabled in the provincial assembly (PA). The recommendations and suggestions regarding changes in the curriculum at the provincial level were initiated by the Bureau of Curriculum, the Reform Support Unit (RSU) and the Sindh Textbook Board (STB).

In order to make any amendments the Sindh Assembly must approve the proposed changes; however, as a result of the devolution of the education department to the province these reformations could not be presented to the PA as it was not yet decided who would be the legal authority to rule on the issue.

In addition to this hurdle, other formal legislation has not yet been fulfilled which has accentuated the standstill.

The syllabus has not changed since 2006 when only minor differences were incorporated.The purpose behind the newly proposed amendments is to improve the reading skills as well as logical thinking of students.

In 2009, subjects such as Mathematics and Science at the Class IV level were reviewed in a random survey, while in 2010 language subjects like Urdu and Sindhi were looked at for the purpose of designing a standard syllabus for all school teachers to follow.

According to sources, the changes in the curriculum of class I through IV have also been sought. Subjects such as Mathematics, English, Social Sciences and General Knowledge would be modified gradually while other subjects would follow later. Officials from the aforementioned authorities were not available to comment on the matter. The news


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