Selena Gomez Meets Shia LaBeouf, Adorableness Ensues


We cannot tell you how hilarious it is to see Selena Gomez fangirling over Shia LaBeouf, who she’s had a massive crush on for a while now (sorry, Justin Bieber). Like, we’re talking Selenita hearts Shia LB, for real. The proof is in the video, in which her handlers trick her into thinking she was about to talk to some fans. The reaction when she finds Shia in the dressing room is genuinely funny because she bolts out of the room! Our Transformer dude had to run after her and you can see literally wanting to die when he greets her. That’s what we’d do if we found Robert Pattinson… but we doubt he’d run after us.

Through all the blushing, the level of her OMG! is visibly sky high. It’s so nice to see a celebrity crush like a regular person (read: us) on another celebrity. Post her meeting, Selena can’t stop giggling and talking about how handsome Shia is and she’s so giddy her voice starts getting progressively high pitched. Selena tweeted the video too, with a message that summed it all, “Best….. Day….. Ever.”


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