10,000 to be trained under ICT scholarship programme

Islamabad: As many as 10,000 students will be trained under national Information Communication Technology (ICT), scholarship programme, in the current fiscal year 2011-12, who will get scholarships for four years bachelor’s degree programme in various national universities.

Besides this, basic Information Technology(IT) training initiated by Pakistan Computer Bureau for providing adequate basic computer skills will benefit approximately 5,000 government employees during the next year.

According to official data available, the budget earmarked for 2011-12 will further enhance the human resource development, IT industry development, e-government, infrastructure development and will create employment opportunities in the IT sector. During the current year, focus on human resource development related projects will continue for providing IT training to government employees and the public.

Official sources in IT Ministry told APP that emphasis on improving the IT infrastructure will continue so that more international IT companies are attached to undertake business in the country alongside the domestic IT companies.

Furthermore, Centre of Excellence in Advanced Software Technologies and Open Source will be established to increase the use of open source software technologies within the country.

According to official data available, automation of Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) project is underway and in the next year it is envisaged to be completed.

The sources pointed out that National response centre for cyber crimes (NR3C), plans to establish new forensic facilities at Peshawar and Quetta and disseminate information to make public aware about cyber crimes and how it can help them. The news.


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