Bhittai hospital affiliated to LUMHS

Hyderabad: The Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) had decided to depute its consultants for regular visits to the Shah Bhittai Hospital Latifabad after affiliation of the former with the latter.

The affiliation was finalised last month between the DCO Hyderabad Aftab Ahmed Khatri and Vice-Chancellor Dr Noshad A. Sheikh. It may be noted that the Bhittai hospital comes under administrative control of the district government. It was hoped that the hospital would upgrade with the facilities of consultants and specialists, house job officers and post-graduate students and nursing staff. Dawn

Dr Noshad A. Sheikh told on Friday that consultants for paediatrics, surgery, medicine, gynaecology and obstetrics would visit the hospital regularly, besides remaining on call.

“We have asked the DCO to create vacancies of 50 house job officers and 25 nursing staff in BPS-16.” Final year examinations at LUMHS would be held this month and results in September.

The VC said that a fresh batch of house officers would be deputed in Bhittai hospital and hopefully it would be recognised by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

Midwives are currently working in the hospital and a fresh batch of bachelors in nursing from the LUMHS would also be made available from September. Likewise, he said, the post graduate students’ training would be rotated in Bhittai hospital, as well.

DCO Aftab Khatri said the district government had completed work for the PMDC recognition. Some objections were raised which had been removed. The PMDC team would visit the hospital soon to recognise it. Vacancies for house officers and staff nurses would be filled soon. Dawn.

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