Degree of candidate challenged

ISLAMABAD, The academic degree of JUI candidate and AJK Chief of his party Pir Atiqur Rahman Faizpuri was challenged in the AJK Chief Election Commission Camp office here on Saturday.

Pir Attiqur Rehman was elected as member of the AJK Legislative Assembly on a reserved seat for Ulema and Mashaikh in 2006 elections and served as the Minister for Religious Affairs in Sardar Attique’s cabinet.

His party has this time joined hands with the PPP which swept the recent AJK elections.

Ahsan Elahi Qureshi through his counsels Barrister Afzal Hussain and Barrister Adil Jamal filed a petition with the Chief Election Commissioner pleading that the MLA was not holding matriculation certificate or equivalent degree as per the rule governing the eligibility of members of Legislative Assembly of Azad Kashmir.

He said it was a sordid story to narrate that Attiqur Rehman had been enjoying perks for the last ten years, though he was not eligible to become member of the prestigious legislative assembly. “It is a matter of public importance as public money is being incurred on such members, therefore, this matter should be thoroughly and properly investigated by the Commission,” he petition said.

The petition appears to be an attempt to prevent Pir Attiqur Rehman to contest election on a reserved seat for Ulema and Mashaikh.The news.


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