Punjab University failed to avail scholarships fails to avail China-sponsored scholarship for faculty members

PU fails to avail China-sponsored scholarship for faculty members
Lahore: The Punjab University administration has failed to avail the Chinese scholarship after it recommended the unsuitable faculty members of the Institute of Communication Studies (ICS).

A Chinese scholarship on radio training programme was offered to the faculty and the university administration nominated three members from the ICS – Dr Afirah Hamid, Muhammad Shafique and Rashid Khan, a visiting teacher.

Sources said that the administration ‘deliberately’ nominated Afirah Hamid and Rashid Khan who were not suitable for the scholarship. According to the conditions of the scholarship, the candidate applying for the scholarship should have to be below 45 years of age and a faculty member. Dr Afirah is above 45 and Rashid Khan is not a permanent faculty member, which means there was no competition for Shafique.

Shafique, however, has been rejected for the scholarship because a university committee had recommended his termination from the services following an alleged forgery in the MPhil result. His Fulbright scholarship was also rejected on the same ground.

A source claimed that Dr Afirah was likely to be sent on an international film festival in UK. However, a lobby which did not want her to go there recommended her for the radio training workshop despite the fact that she was overage for the programme.

“A lot of students are going to China for PhD programmes as China is giving many opportunities to our students. It is very sad that some people among us are trying to cheat China by recommending those people who have already been disqualified for scholarships,” said a faculty member, who was not recommended for the scholarship.

Dr Afirah said, “My case for the scholarship on radio training programme has been turned down because I am overage. I am not sorry for it but I am sorry that the university has wasted a good scholarship. This is not a new practice. This has happened quite a lot in the past. There was a time when every year two scholarships were given to the PU for PhD programme, however, they were never availed by the ICS”.

When contacted Muhammad Shafique, lecture at the ICS, said that he had no role in recommendations, adding that the university recommended three people and he was one of them. “I have been rejected for the programme and only Dr Afirah is being considered for it,” she said.

A PU spokesperson said that the vice chancellor always forwarded the recommended names as they had been received from the department heads and, similarly, in this case the names were sent as they were received from the ICS administration. Daily times


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