Schoolteachers among the lowest paid employees

Karachi: Despite the nature of the job and its importance in society, government schoolteachers are still receiving very low salary packages.

The minimum basic salary of a schoolteacher is only Rs3,530 per month while the highest basic salary available to a teacher is Rs6,060.

A poor financial package, among many other factors, is one of the major causes of the declining standards of teaching at the government schools.

A primary school teacher (PST) in Grade-7 collects Rs3,530 as a basic salary, Rs1,588 as house rent allowance and Rs1,000 in lieu of medical and travel allowances.

The annual increment is a paltry Rs190, some senior officers in the education department said on condition of anonymity.

A PST in Grade-9 is entitled to a basic pay of Rs3,820 along with Rs230 annual increment and Rs1,719 house rent.

People in this grade received Rs1,000 for medical and travel purposes, they further said.

On the other hand, a PST in Grade-10 gets Rs4,955 as basic salary, Rs1,870 house rent and Rs1,000 for medical and approximately Rs1,100 conveyance allowance.

They get Rs260 annual increment. Formerly this was an honorary post awarded to facilitate senior PSTs, they added.

According to them, the Sindh government has recently introduced grades 11 to 15 in this category. A PST having an experience of 10 years in grade 7 and 9 would get promotion into grade-10 while teaching for 14 years would help in achieving grade-11.

Similarly, a PST who worked for 21 years would be promoted to Grade-14 whereas 25 years’ experience would help in earning Grade-15, they said.

On the other hand, a Junior School Teacher (JST) in Grade-9 received Rs3,820 basic salary along with Rs230 annual increment and Rs1,719 in lieu of house rent and Rs1,000 for medical and travel purposes.

A JST in Grade-9 must pass their intermediate examinations with second division, the sources said.

A JST in Grade-14 gets a basic salary of Rs4,920 and Rs380 as annual increment.

Moreover, they are entitled to Rs2,214 house rent and Rs1,200 to Rs1,300 for medical and approximately Rs1,500 for conveyance purposes.

A JST in this grade must have passed the intermediate examination with no less than a second division or completed BSc along with the certificate of teaching while BEd is considered an extra-qualification, they further said.

A High School Teacher (HST) in Grade-15 gets Rs5, 220 as basic salary and Rs420 as annual increment whereas they received Rs2,349 as house rent allowance and Rs1,500 as medical allowance and approximately Rs1,800 as travel allowance.

Meanwhile, an HST in Grade-15 got promotions by the concerned Drawing and Disbursement Officer into Grade-16 soon after their appointment in previous grades, they said.

An HST in grade-16 is entitled to Rs6,060 per month and Rs470 annual increment along with Rs2,727 as house rent allowance.

The sources added that approximately Rs1,800 was paid for medical purposes and around Rs2,000 in lieu of conveyance allowances.


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