Young Leaders’ Conference 2011

KARACHI: The Young Leaders’ Conference (YLC), 2011 being held with the slogan of ‘Faith, Unity, Discipline and Revolution’ entered into its 3rd consecutive day having theme of ‘Change the Way You Think,’ here on Sunday.
The chief guest of the day was Member Provincial Assembly Raza Haroon. Speaking on the occasion he said that nature had bestowed Pakistan with the wealth of diversity and our country was enriched with all natural resources. The need of the hour was management of resources and a competent leadership was essential for it, he added.

Haroon urged participants to create all required abilities of leadership in themselves. He also talked about the history of world and leadership.

Faisal Qureshi of Personality Quotient delivered the keynote address on ‘Change the Way You Think’. In his address, Qureshi focused the spirit of listening and appreciating other’s perspectives.

Participants were exposed to different thematic views in breakout sessions featuring Sheema Kermani, Dance; Talat Hussain, Theatre; Yousuf Kerai, Music; Sharmeen Chinoy, Film; and Dr Awaab Alvi, Street Power. On the occasion, a panel discussion entitled ‘Kalaam: Intercultural Dialogue with Ambassadors of Change’ was held. Abbas Hussain chaired the session while Deepak Perwani, Sidra Iqbal, Dr Zsuzsnana Fajcsak, Shazia Khawar and Khalid Malik were the panelists. Participants raised several questions, which were replied by the panelists.

Another interesting session of the conference entitled ‘Bol Ke Lab Azad Hain Teray’ was held to provide youth with an opportunity of capacity building. The session was conducted by Umair Jaliawala. In the segment, he made participants realise in an effective manner that diversity strengthened culture and character. The 10th six-day conference, being organised by the School of Leadership to teach Pakistani youth about leadership skills, will continue till July 6.Daily Times.

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