Young Leaders Conference begins

Karachi:Three hundred and fifty young participants from all over Pakistan, dressed in green shirts, were lost in a world of their own as they danced on a famous Pakistani song at the opening ceremony of the 10th Young Leader’s Conference here on Friday.

The YLC is an annual event organised by the School of Leadership for 18-21 years olds.

The theme for this year is ‘Iman, Itehad, Tanzeem – faith, unity, discipline’. The organizers have changed the order of Quaid-e-Azam’s famous quote. “Until people believe and accept and respect differences there can be no unity,” said Rizwan Rizvi, Director SoL.

“The more discipline you have within yourself the more freedom you would have,” he elaborated.

“These three words have no significance for us. It is time we attach meaning to them,” said Umair Jaliawala, a former participant and now a trainer at YLC. Jaliawala considers this conference “sacred” for him.

In the first session, participants were randomly divided into groups of twenty. Each group had a young facilitator, trained by SoL, and a symbol to distinguish them from rest.

After thanking the sponsors who helped organise the event, an orientation session took place, where each group had a one-to-one chat with successful people from the corporate world.

Eighteen year-old Zeeshan who came all the way from Lahore was full of praise for the event. He thought it was good way to build network and make new friends. Even though the conference was charging around Rs40,000 per participant, Zeeshan thought it was “good value for money”.

“People who can not afford it can get sponsored”, he said.

Hira Wajahat, who has been in the YLC management for five years, believes that handling this year’s event is comparatively harder because out of six days, the participants will spend three days in sessions and exercises arranged outside the hotel.

Zainab Haider, a young facilitator, thinks it is a good opportunity for her “to give back what she learnt as a participant last year”. She talks about her YLC community project last year where she invited guest speakers for a session at her university. “You cannot be a YLC graduate if you do not complete your community project,” she explains.

The conference was inaugurated by Syed Shoaib Siddiqui, Secretary Sports and Youth Affair. The organisers said that each year they receive a better response from the youth and were happy for the fact that this year 35 percent of the participants were girls.The news.


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