A Bikini Even A Mother Could Love | Bikini For Girls | Girls In Bikini

It wasn’t until she became pregnant with her son Jo that São Paulo native Amalia Spinardi felt compelled to take the signature Brazilian bikini one step further. “I was pregnant when I decided to do the line and I wanted a bit more of a comfortable fit. I couldn’t wear the Brazilian cuts anymore,” she said of her ambition to design a modern version of the barely-there silhouette. “When you are so exposed in a bikini, your body is almost naked. You really need something that’s comfortable.” And so, Jo de Mer was born, and found a loyal following among Brazilians—even those who thought they’d never trade in their barely-theres.

In Los Angeles to introduce the line to the ladies-who-lunch crowd, Spinardi took turns explaining her near 30-piece-deep collection to the likes of Minnie Mortimer Gaghan, Ali Larter, Jennifer Meyer Maguire, and host Alexandra von Furstenberg (left, with Spinardi). Von Furstenberg, who was first introduced to the line when she was in need of a quick suit for a tropical jaunt, is just one of the many beach-bound who have taken to the line’s subtle play on the signature Brazilian heat. In addition to the best-selling, aptly named Capri string bikini, Spinardi is expanding the selection to caftans, sundresses, and beachwear for Resort. But the bikini remains the line’s resounding focus. “I want the collection to be about simple shapes with lots of texture. Using rich fabrics with simple fits. If you’re going to the beach, it has to be wearable.”—Alexis Brunswick

Photo: Donato Sardella

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