Galliano to Stand Trial in Paris Today

Ready the tents, saddle the elephants and cram as many clowns as comically possible into a tiny car because the media circus is coming to town. John Galliano‘s trial is set to begin today in Paris, and as it is open to the public, it will most likely turn into a shitshow.

Galliano to Stand Trial in Paris Today

The former Christian Dior designer faces a possible six months in jail and a $32,390 fine as per the French penalty for insulting anyone on the basis of their origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity.

Note to self: don’t go to France….

Stemming from two separate incidents in which Galliano allegedly uttered anti-Semitic remarks – one from October 8, 2010 and the other from February 24th of this year —  the trial will see testimonies not only from Galliano himself but from his three accusers: Geraldine Bloch, Philippe Virgitti and Fathia Oumeddour.

However, Galliano’s now infamous “I love Hitler” video rant will not be a subject of the trial as the “anonymous” filmmaker never bothered to come forward with a complaint.

The designer is expected to plead substance abuse in his defense as he is still undergoing rehab for alcohol and prescription meds dependency — aren’t we all? — and though it’s not likely to help his case any, he will probably not serve any jail time.

According to French lawyer, Jean-Yves Dupeux:

“In theory, the law provides for a prison sentence but it’s extremely rare. Prison sentences are practically never handed down, except in the case of repeat offenders, in other words when you are dealing with someone who is permanently reiterating insults.”

Galliano’s trial should last four or five hours today but a decision, if any, won’t be made before September; French courts close for summer recess in July and August.

So while the courts are in recess, John Galliano will be awaiting detention. [WWD]

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