Remember When Brooke Shields Ruined the Tonys for Everyone?

There she was, award-winning singer-actress Neil Patrick Harris, doing her darndest to make the Tony Awards interesting — you’ll get ‘em next time, sister — sweating and belting her way through a song about how Broadway is not just for the gays anymore — meanwhile, that bird won’t fly, mostly because its weighed down my eight pounds of sequins — when she soft-shoed her way over to a still stunning and statuesque Brooke Shields, who Suddenly forgot her lines. Way to babble, Brooke.

Remember When Brooke Shields Ruined the Tonys for Everyone?

Now, I know you didn’t watch the Tonys — even I tuned out after growing tired of waiting for Patti Lupone to rip out Kristin Chenoweth‘s weave, but since this is the future, Brooke’s blunder is a moment that will live on forever and ever. Or at least till something with a cat doing something ornery and cute overtakes the Interwebs…in about 5 seconds.

Check out the video below, and if you can’t bear to sit through the entire opening musical number — but Harris does give her all, Liza bless her — skip to 3:11 to see Shields stun and stumble:


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