Chemical car deaths ‘identities’

 The scene of the incident The car was parked along a river bank in Winteringham Police believe they have identified two men found dead inside a car which had warnings about dangerous chemicals.

The bodies were discovered in a car parked along a river bank on Booth Nooking Lane at Winteringham, North Lincolnshire, on Friday morning.

Signs on the outside warned of potentially harmful chemicals within.

Police said the men, who had not yet been formally identified, were believed to be in their 40s and from the West Midlands and North East Lincolnshire.

A statement earlier released by Humberside Police said: “We initially attended the scene and found a red coloured car containing two adult men who showed no apparent sign of life.

“On the outside of the car there were signs warning people not to enter due to potentially harmful chemicals within.

“This prompted a chemical safety response from police, ambulance service and Humberside Fire and Rescue in order to secure the area and the vehicle with a view to safely entering the vehicle to recover the two men from within.

“Sadly the men were found to be deceased when assessed by paramedics.”


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