DIY help for tenants so they can do it for themselves

 DIY tools The council says that any savings would be reinvested back into local housing projects Council house tenants could be told to do their own repairs in the future as Stoke-on-Trent City Council looks to save £2m a year.

To help them, the council has arranged a series of roadshows and has a DVD about how to carry out DIY tasks.

Councillors argue that simple repairs can often be done by house-proud tenants in less time than it takes for a workman to be called out.

Repair tips on the DVD include how to unblock a sink and bleeding a radiator.

‘School people’

Councillor Gwen Hassall, cabinet member for housing and neighbourhoods, said: “We need to make sure that we continue to offer the services to the most vulnerable people who need them.

“But we need to cut out the wastage that can arise from doing repairs that aren’t necessary, or could be done by the tenants themselves.

“We want to school people that some things don’t need a repairman to come out and fix.”

Thirteen roadshows will be held over the next few weeks at various venues, starting on Thursday, 14 July, at Hanley Library.


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