Mathers family ‘unhappy’ with HET

Joanne and Shane Mathers Joanne Mathers and her son Shane The DUP MP Gregory Campbell has said he has written to the Historical Enquiries Team, calling for a review into the investigation of the murder of Joanne Mathers in Londonderry in 1981.

The mother-of-one was shot dead by the IRA as she collected census forms.

Mr Campbell said her family are unhappy with how the investigation is being handled.

The HET said it does not comment on the specifics of individual cases.

It had launched a fresh investigation into the killing in March after Lowry Mathers made a public appeal for his wife’s case to be reopened.

Mr Campbell said the family had asked him to write to the HET to express their concerns.

“The HET had several meetings with the family and they put forward a series of questions, hoping to get some clarification,” he said.

“They wanted to know if there was any attempt to get exhibits from the time of the shooting.

“They wanted to know were certain people questioned. The answer was no.

“The family said they would be prepared to go on a public platform and appeal for information, they were told ‘we don’t do that’.

“It was a very negative approach on all fronts.”

Mr Campbell said the family also want the HET to ask Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness if he has knowledge that could help identify her killers.

The HET said it works with families on a confidential basis and at the conclusion of the review process, provides a comprehensive report detailing its findings.


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