Mother left children in hot car

A 26-year-old mother has admitted neglecting her three children who were left alone in a hot car in Carlisle.

Cumbria Police said the children, aged between two and eight, raised the alarm by sounding the horn in temperatures as high as 40C (104F).

Kelly Marie Langham thought she would only be a few minutes but was gone for 45, Carlisle Magistrates’ Court heard.

She admitted three counts of neglect and possession of amphetamines ,and will be sentenced on 1 August.

The hearing was told that Langham had left the car in Chapel Street with the windows slightly wound down and went to queue in the Cash Converter store in Lowther Street on 4 July.

Pam Ward, prosecuting, said: “The witness said he saw two young children in the small saloon car, together with a baby that was strapped in a seat.

“The baby was crying, red in the face and distressed.”

Children ‘traumatised’

A police constable arrived at the scene and saw Langham running to the car.

She told the officer she had been delayed in a queue and was then arrested.

She later said she had taken amphetamine at her home and was dependent on the drug.

Claire Kirkpatrick, defending, said her client had not intended to leave the children in “dangerously high heat”.

The case was adjourned for pre-sentence reports and magistrates warned Langham a jail sentence had not been ruled out.

The children did not require hospital treatment but were left traumatised by the incident, Durham Police said.

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