Newspaper review

 Yasmin Alibhai-Brown rounds up the headlines

A day after the publication of the last News of the World, many of the front pages offer the latest on the scandal that brought down the paper.

The Daily Telegraph suggests News International e-mails apparently showing knowledge of widespread phone hacking could be the “smoking gun”.

The Daily Express believes the issue of News Corporation’s bid to own all of BSkyB could split the coalition.

The Times says Liberal Democrats may vote with Labour to try to delay the bid.

As the prime minister prepares to unveil his public services blueprint, the Telegraph says it was delayed for months by “tensions” within Papers pore over hacking detailsgovernment.

But David Cameron’s pledge not to “pull back or lose heart” is, according to the Daily Mail, a “clear warning” to his Lib Dem coalition colleagues.

The Daily Mirror argues the PM “lacks a mandate” for what it brands a “scam”.

It argues the banking crisis should have put him off “the Tory ideology that private is always better”.

The Sun hails a “moment of liberation for teachers” as guidance on unruly pupils is cut from 600 pages to 52.

“Politically-correct red tape … had given trouble-making kids free rein to destroy teachers and damage other pupils’ education,” the paper believes.

Similarly, the Telegraph considers it the restoration of teachers’ authority after “decades of liberal meddling”.

The Mail says almost 1,000 pupils are excluded every day currently in “Britain’s broken schools”.

“Keep cool and don’t all rush at once,” was the unlikely instruction given to Hollywood A-listers about to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the US, according to The Independent.

The “biggest names in Hollywood … looked just as star-struck as the fans who were waiting outside”, it adds.

The Daily Express says William and Kate’s first royal tour could not have gone any better.

The birth of a girl for the Beckhams prompts the Sun headline: “Baby spice.”

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