Ileana D’Cruz to portray shades of all ages in ‘Barfee’

Ileana D’Cruz, who carved her niche in South with superhit Pokkiri, is making her Bollywood debut with Anurag Basu’s ‘Barfee’. Ranbir Kapoor is playing the male lead and since his character is named Murphy who pronounces it as barfee because he is mute, the film has been titled so. Interestingly, Ileana will get to portray her talents well in the flick because she will be seen aging from a 19-year-old to a 65-year-old.

Basu divulges in further details saying, “All the three lead actors are playing out-of-the-box, and extremely interesting characters in Barfee.”

“Ranbir Kapoor, as everyone knows, is playing a deaf and mute boy, Priyanka Chopra is not mentally-challenged as reported, but is mildly autistic (a form of mental illness that causes a person to withdraw into a private world of fantasy and be unable to communicate with others or respond to his/her real environment) in the film. Ileana D’Cruz, on the other hand, is playing a character who will be seen aging from a 19-year-old to 30 to a 65 year-old,” he added.

The shooting for the flick has already started on June 14 at Darjeeling which happens to be Ranbir’s hometown.
ileana dcruz


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