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July 5, 2011

Studded Thongs And Boob Tape On The Bowery—Just Another Evening After Work

At first glance, the scene at the Bowery Hotel last night appeared like your average Thursday night—a low-key crowd having post-work drinks among friends. That’s essentially what it was. Jonathan Saunders and Richard Nicoll (above) were toasting to the completion of their Resort collections, with an impressive crowd of guests, including Giovanna Battaglia, Byrdie Bell, Hilary Rhoda, Jen Brill, and Terry Richardson.

It was a fashion fête with none of the fanfare that usually comes with it. Maybe that was the result of the designers’ laid-back attitudes toward Resort. “It is fun to do because it’s not as serious,” Saunders told “You get to show what you might not typically do.” Typical or not, both designers seemed to have naughty dressing on the mind. Saunders was thinking of newly-minted Fashion Icon (according to the CFDA, at least) Lady Gaga. “I really don’t know how she sat in a studded thong for so long. It must have really hurt her bum,” Saunders said of the pop queen’s ensemble at Monday night’s CFDA Awards. (Her stylist, Nicola Formichetti, was standing nearby; if he knew, he wasn’t saying.) “That was truly impressive.”

For Giovanna Battaglia, naughty was so nice she may have to do it twice. She’d shown plenty of skin in a vintage Stephen Sprouse dress at Cannes, and, she said, “I love it so much I am going to find another event to wear it for.” The downside of a barely-there gown? “I’m going to have to tape my [boobs] in—now that was a top-secret process. I can’t share the details.”

—Kristin Studeman

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July 2, 2011

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Another Toddler Is Dead Thanks To Biting And Beating From Mom’s “Babysitter” Boyfriend

Martwane Mackey accused of killing Ty'Shea Austin

This guy truly ain’t sh*t! Three-year-old Ty’Shea Austin is dead after being left in the care of her mother’s live-in thug love Martwane Mackey who has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and child abuse.

Authorities say, Mackey, who is only 18 his damned self, claims he was watching Ty’Shea and her one-year-old sister Zariah on Saturday while their mother Qnique Thues was at work, when she suffered a “choking and respiratory incident.” Rather than call 911 or take the toddler to the hospital, this dumb f*ck “struck and bit” Ty’Shea to revive her.

Eventually Mackey dialed 911 from a payphone — at approximately 2 a.m. but when police arrived to vind him cradling Ty’Shea in his arms, she was already dead.

“Officers attempted CPR and were ultimately unable to revive this child,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Steve Martos, KPHO 5 reported.

Officers found bruises and bite marks on Austin’s head and body. Her younger sister also had similar marks and was hospitalized for her injuries. She is in stable condition.

Mackey has admitted to authorities that he assaulted both girls, but has denied killed Ty’Shea, according to Arizona Republic reports.

“He’s a monster, and people need to know he’s a monster,” Rhonda Brown, Ty’Shea and Zariah’s grandmother, told ABC 15 News. “I don’t think death is good enough for him, I think he needs to be beaten like he beat her.”

Even more sadly, the family lacks the funds to pay for Ty’Shea’s funeral. If you would like to make a donation to help them, you can do so through Wells Fargo to the Ty’Shea and Zariah Memorial Fund, or via the account number 9373518860.

SMH… WHY?????? This dude clearly did not know sh*t about taking care of babies. Why was an 18-year-old boy left with two little baby girls? This babies having babies is just resulting in more babies dead. When is it gonna end?


July 1, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Wears Yet Another LBD

Well, at least Jennifer Aniston has figured out her signature look. The Horrible Bosses star walked the red carpet at the premiere in Los Angeles last night wearing — what else? — a Little Black Dress. Up close it’s really quite beautiful with intricate beading and a sexy racerback cut. She paired it with her go-to strappy black heels and some simple, understated jewelry. She looks lovely, as always, it’s just…we want more. Some color! Some flair! Some pop! Is that too much to ask?

More pics of Jen posing below.