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July 1, 2011

Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Dies in Car Accident “actual police report”

According to April Margera who called into Preston and Steve’s radio show this morning, one of the stars of MTV’s “Jackass” was killed in a car accident.

Ryan Dunn died when his Porsche flew over a guardrail on Route 322 in West Goshen, Pa. slammed into a tree and burst into flames around 2:30 Monday morning, Officer Geiger with the West Goshen police department told us.

Dunn was known primarily for his dangerous antics and practical jokes in the “Jackass” movies with his long-time friend Bam Margera. He is also a member of the CKY Crew with Margera.

Ryan Dunn was 34.

The actual Police report as some low life sites have reported that it was another hoax. I don’t think so the police would not be in on any sort of hoax as it would be a criminal offense.