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July 11, 2011

Charge over school hammer attack

 GMT A man has been charged after a woman was left badly injured in a hammer attack outside the Tyneside primary school where she worked.

Police said the 21-year-old victim was found in the car park of Burradon Primary School in North Tyneside at lunchtime on Thursday.

North Tyneside Council said no pupils at the school witnessed the incident.

Northumbria Police said a 23-year-old man was arrested at the scene and later charged with wounding with intent.

The woman, understood to be a supply teacher, was released from hospital after treatment to injuries which are not thought to be life-threatening.

No-one else was hurt in the incident.

July 4, 2011

Grenade attack wounds 17 schoolchildren in Afghanistan

KABUL: A suspected terrorist on a motorbike threw a hand grenade at the gates of a school in north Afghanistan on Sunday, injuring 17 children, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. The incident took place in Maimana, the main city of the Faryab province, the ministry said, adding that the children had been taken to hospital, with two of them in a serious condition. “Seventeen school students were wounded when a terrorist riding a motorbike threw a hand grenade at the main gate,” said the statement, which condemned the attack. “Police have arrested the gunman who committed this action,” the statement added. An annual UN report in March revealed that the deaths of Afghan civilians in the war had increased 15 percent to a record high last year, and that terrorists were responsible for three-quarters of the killings. afp

June 30, 2011

Naval base raid: Finally, report admits inside job in Mehran attack

Standing Committee on Defence told that evidence of “inside help” has been found in the PNS Mehran Base attack.


It took more than a month after heavily-armed terrorists mounted a brazen attack on Pakistan’s biggest naval airbase in Karachi, but investigators have finally concluded that the attackers had support from within the Pakistan Navy.

The terrorists sneaked into Pakistan Navy’s airbase PNS Mehran on May 22, destroying two P3-C Orion surveillance aircraft and holding off military commandos for 15 hours before they were killed in a final predawn assault the next morning. At least 10 security personnel were killed in the attack.

According to a preliminary investigation report tabled before the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence on Wednesday, some navy officials were in custody for questioning over their possible links with the attackers.

Senior officials briefed the committee about the investigations into the PNS Mehran attack – one of the most potent terrorist attacks on the country’s security installations.

The briefing was confidential, but some participants speaking on the condition of anonymity confirmed that the navy officials admitted that  the terrorists received help from people working at the airbase.

The report indicates that some people had conducted reconnaissance of the base before the attack. It also points out that closed-circuit TV cameras installed at the base were not working, making it easier for the attackers to slip through.

However, navy officials would not comment on the report. Briefing reporters after the meeting, Dr Azhra Fazal Pechuhu, head of the defence committee, said that the naval authorities had completed their internal investigations into the PNS Mehran attack.

“According to investigations, four terrorists were involved in the attack,” she said, adding that the mastermind would be brought to book after the completion of the probe.

She said the investigators were now looking into the external aspects of the probe where they would also try to ascertain if there was any foreign hand involved.

The May 22 attack on the well-guarded base raised questions about the ability of the security forces to protect their key installations from terrorist raids. And security analysts said it wasn’t possible for terrorists to launch such an attack without inside help.

Despite the briefing, committee members from the PML-N expressed dissatisfaction over the findings of the report. “What we have been told is nothing new as lots of information has already appeared in the media,” said an opposition member, who requested not to be named.

June 30, 2011

Taliban attack Kabul hotel, 10 killed

The Inter-Continental hotel in seen in the dark as tracer bullets are shot during an attack in Kabul on June 29, 2011. Witnesses reported hearing two explosions and said that several gunmen had got into the high-security hotel late in the evening. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed the militant Islamist group was behind the attack which he said was targeting foreign guests in the hotel. PHOTO: AFP


A hotel popular with Westerners in the Afghan capital has come under attack by gunmen and suicide bombers.

Kabul’s police chief told the BBC that security forces were exchanging fire with up to six assailants who had got inside the Intercontinental Hotel.  A security official said three suicide bombers had blown themselves up at the hotel’s front gate, on the second floor, and at the back of the hotel. At least 10 people are reported to have been killed.

The Intercontinental is one of Kabul’s best-known most heavily guarded hotels. It is situated on a hill on the western outskirts of the city.

Guests told the BBC’s Bilal Sarwary in Kabul that the scene was one of chaos and panic, and that they had been told not to open their doors.

One guest told the Associated Press that the attack began when many people were having dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, and that he had jumped out of a first-floor window to escape the gunmen.

“I was running with my family,” said the man, named as Jawid. “There was shooting. The restaurant was full with guests.”

Afghan officials told the BBC that a group of Afghan governors had been meeting at the hotel at the time of the attack.

The head of Kabul crime unit said fighting was still going on as police cleared the hotel after an attack claimed by the Taliban. “The clearing of the Intercontinental is still going on. It’s not over yet,” Mohammad Zahir told Reuters.Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the group was behind the attack in telephone calls to two news agencies.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 29th, 2011.