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July 4, 2011

Other tests await students passing exams

PESHAWAR,  Getting a domicile certificate has become a Herculean task for the students, who have qualified Secondary School Certificate examinations recently.
Submission of domicile along with other academic certificates is must for getting admission in any college of the province. A large number of students and their parents can be seen roaming around with domicile forms in their hands in the tehsil office.

“There are only four naib tehsildars in the tehsil office to handle thousands of applicants and sign domicile forms. It causes huge rush,” said a student. He said that suspension of electricity in tehsil office in the scorching heat and suffocation further added to the miseries of students, standing in long queues.

The irritated students often exchange hot words with each other as well as the officials. “Don`t break the queue,” one of the applicants shouted at others.

“We not only sign the domicile forms but also ask some queries to avoid bogus domicile certificates because these days touts get money from students of other districts to prove them residents of Peshawar,” a naib tehsildar told Dawn .

A white-bearded man, whose clothes were drenched in sweats, said that he was standing in the long queue for more than an hour to get domicile for his daughter.

“Thank God that my daughter herself has not come here because it is more difficult for a girl to wait for hours,” he said. As girl students themselves cannot come, their fathers are seen roaming in tehsil office, some of them using the domicile form as hand fan.

Another aged man from Chankani area said that he came early in the morning waiting for his turn till noon of Saturday to get domicile certificate for his son. “My son, who has obtained 600 marks in the SSC examination, is working at a shop of auto spare parts. He has asked me to make domicile for him because if he comes here he will miss one day wage,” he told Dawn .

One of the naib tehsildar, sitting on a chair in the veranda and surrounded by a group of students, was signing the forms and repeatedly asking the applicants to stay away from him as it was too hot. He was avoiding sitting in his office owing to suspension of electricity.

After some time he left his chair and went into a room, followed by the applicants. When the room became jam packed, an assistant of the naib tehsildar shouted at the students to get out, pushing some of them.

“Getting a domicile certificate is a lengthy process. First it has to be signed by a grade 17 officer and then checked and stamped by personal assistant to naib tehsildar after standing for hours in a queue.

After signing by naib tehsildar, the applicants have to move to the office of deputy district officer revenue for the final stage where officials keep one of domicile forms for record and hand over the other to the applicant,” said a student.

However, an official said that the domicile can be got in every month of the year.

The students and parents should not wait for announcement of SCC results for getting domiciles to avoid hours-long wait, he said.Dawn.