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July 2, 2011

Celebrity Doppelgangers: Sienna Miller, Cat Deely And Kelly Bensimon

Maybe we’ve been staring at photographs of celebrities far too long, but we’ve come to notice certain similarities between them. One actress in particular gives us a sense of major deja vu. It’s Sienna Miller! We always feel like she has a face that we’ve seen before — other than her in own photographs. So we did a bit of research and figured it out! We’ve put two pictures of Sienna one on top of the other on the left side of the photograph above. On the upper right, is Kelly Bensimon who we totally think looks like an older version of Sienna. On the lower right, is everyone’s favorite hostess, Cat Deely. Who we think Sienna looks a lot like too. Tell us you see it? Question is — which pair looks more like each other?

[Photos: Getty Images]

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