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July 11, 2011

Emma Nervous about her kiss with Rupert Grint

Ema WatsonActress Emma Watson said that she was very nervous while kissing her Co star Rupert Grint in the last film of Harry Potter. But they were determined to make it a great kiss. “I think we did all right,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling in an interview for ITV’s Daybreak show, reports Sify.”We’ve been building tension to this moment for eight movies. We were like, ‘People have been really waiting for this moment, and we’ve really got to pull this off’,” she added, reported by agencies ANI.

July 11, 2011

Emma Says kids are scared of her

Emma WatsonEmma Watson says that children are often scared of her because they think she is magic in real life. Emma plays Hermione Granger in ‘Harry Potter’ series and is currently been busy promoting the last part of the franchise.

“Some little children are sometimes scared of me because they think I can do a spell, and that I really am magic in real life. And I’ve always found that really funny, and I try and kind of say, ‘I won’t do anything to you. It’s OK’,” Contactmusic quoted her speaking on CNN’s ‘A Larry King Special. Reported Sify.
“Sometimes you can’t convince them, because they believe in it. They really believe in it. They really think that I’m Hermione in real life, which I love. It’s funny,” she added.