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July 2, 2011

Penn Badgley Knows You’re Skeptical About This Whole Jeff Buckley Thing

The announcement of Penn Badgley’s Jeff Buckley biopic has some people questioning whether Penn’s skills extend beyond looking dapper and being the loneliest of boys (both of which he does very well). “I haven’t begun vocal lessons, but I’m taking guitar lessons. I’m obviously, like, throwing myself 200 percent into it,” Badgley reassures New York Mag about his total commitment to the part. “I’m just really prepping in every possible manner, and yeah, vocal lessons will at some point be involved. But it is going to be me playing and singing.” Badgley’s already mastered the art of hair pomade application; clearly musical ability will quickly follow.

Seeing as how rumors of a Robert Pattinson Jeff Buckley film brought out people’s true opinions about which slender, mopey young actor would be better at playing the late musician, Badgley wants everyone to know just how honored he is at the opportunity to do better than Robert Pattinson. “And, you know, the reason I’m telling you is because, obviously, there’s a whole lot of people who are skeptical,” Penn admits. “[S]o I would … I just want to be clear that I’m very moved by the opportunity, and I really am giving myself to it.” We don’t know enough about him, but if Jeff Buckley wore vests and made out with Blake Lively, then Penn has this one in the bag.

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