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July 14, 2011

Mandira Bedi becomes mother of a baby boy

mandira-bediBollywood News: After a long wait, finally TV actress, cricket show host, and emcee Mandira Bedi becomes mother of a baby boy. She delivered a baby boy on a very special day, i.e. on father’s day.  Mandira Bedi and her husband Raj Kaushal was overjoyed with the new born.  Raj and Mandira were married for the past 11 years.

The baby was born at Lilavati hospital on Friday, July 11 at 11.01 am. They named their son Vir.

Proud father Raj Kaushal tweeted: Had a superb Fathers day (my 1st) thanks to my little Vir. Thank you @mandybedi for the best gift in my life. I think I am in ?again ?Ladies and gentlemen. At 11.01am IST weighing 6 pounds the czar of our lives Mr Vir Kaushal has arrived. :-)

Congratulations to Raj and Mandira!

Raj Kaushal posing with the baby boy
Mandira Bedi Photo Gallery

July 11, 2011

Mother left children in hot car

A 26-year-old mother has admitted neglecting her three children who were left alone in a hot car in Carlisle.

Cumbria Police said the children, aged between two and eight, raised the alarm by sounding the horn in temperatures as high as 40C (104F).

Kelly Marie Langham thought she would only be a few minutes but was gone for 45, Carlisle Magistrates’ Court heard.

She admitted three counts of neglect and possession of amphetamines ,and will be sentenced on 1 August.

The hearing was told that Langham had left the car in Chapel Street with the windows slightly wound down and went to queue in the Cash Converter store in Lowther Street on 4 July.

Pam Ward, prosecuting, said: “The witness said he saw two young children in the small saloon car, together with a baby that was strapped in a seat.

“The baby was crying, red in the face and distressed.”

Children ‘traumatised’

A police constable arrived at the scene and saw Langham running to the car.

She told the officer she had been delayed in a queue and was then arrested.

She later said she had taken amphetamine at her home and was dependent on the drug.

Claire Kirkpatrick, defending, said her client had not intended to leave the children in “dangerously high heat”.

The case was adjourned for pre-sentence reports and magistrates warned Langham a jail sentence had not been ruled out.

The children did not require hospital treatment but were left traumatised by the incident, Durham Police said.

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July 11, 2011

Mother drowned her young daughter

 Isabelle Cowley Isabelle Cowley’s body was found in the grounds of Raigmore Hospital A mother drowned her four-year-old daughter in the grounds of an Inverness hospital after attending the birth of her lover’s baby to another woman.

Rachel Cowley, 43, of Shenval, Glenurquhart, cut the baby’s umbilical cord at Raigmore Hospital in February.

She then walked off with her own child, Isabelle, and drowned her in a burn.

Cowley was charged with murder, but the Crown has accepted her plea to the reduced charge of culpable homicide on the basis of diminished responsibility.

Judge Lord Bannatyne, sitting at the High Court in Edinburgh, has continued the case until 28 September.

He ordered that Cowley be detained at a psychiatric hospital under an interim compulsion order ahead of sentencing.

The court heard that Cowley and Nicola Charles, 26, were both in a relationship with Christopher Everitt, who fathered the children of both women.

Advocate depute Alex Prentice QC told the court that in his view, given the accused’s personality, “the domestic situation was untenable”.

He added: “The birth of the new baby brought the whole domestic situation into focus and Rachel Cowley’s world collapsed around her.

“The baby signified a constant tie between Chris Everitt and Nicola Charles.”

Cowley, a first offender, admitted killing Isabelle in February this year by forcing her head under water and causing her to drown during an attack in the grounds of Raigmore Hospital.

The court heard that Cowley, who has a three-year-old son, and Mr Everitt had lived an alternative lifestyle. Over time a sexual relationship developed which involved the pair and Ms Charles.

After Ms Charles fell pregnant she chose Cowley and Mr Everitt as her birthing partners.

Rachel Cowley. Pic: Northpix Rachel Cowley took a boiler suit from a skip at Raigmore hospital

Following the birth, Cowley held the baby and a midwife noticed she seemed tense during a discussion about registering the child.

Cowley later left the ward with Isabelle.

She later appeared at a couple’s home in Balloch, near Inverness, in the early hours of 23 February seeking help and claiming she was lost.

Cowley was wearing a boiler suit she had taken from a skip at the hospital.

She ran off when the police were called, but was traced by officers.

The court heard that police asked Cowley if she had hurt the girl.

She said: “I think I might have done something to her. I think she might be hurt.”

Mr Prentice said psychiatrists who examined Cowley were of the opinion that she was suffering from a mental disorder, most probably a personality disorder.

Defence solicitor advocate Murray Macara QC said that all the available evidence pointed to Cowley having been “a loving and caring mother to Isabelle”.

Det Ch Insp Kenny Anderson, of Northern Constabulary, said the force had noted Cowley’s plea to culpable homicide.

He added: “The death of a child in such circumstances is a tragic case, devastating for the family and for everyone concerned.”

July 5, 2011

A Bikini Even A Mother Could Love | Bikini For Girls | Girls In Bikini

It wasn’t until she became pregnant with her son Jo that São Paulo native Amalia Spinardi felt compelled to take the signature Brazilian bikini one step further. “I was pregnant when I decided to do the line and I wanted a bit more of a comfortable fit. I couldn’t wear the Brazilian cuts anymore,” she said of her ambition to design a modern version of the barely-there silhouette. “When you are so exposed in a bikini, your body is almost naked. You really need something that’s comfortable.” And so, Jo de Mer was born, and found a loyal following among Brazilians—even those who thought they’d never trade in their barely-theres.

In Los Angeles to introduce the line to the ladies-who-lunch crowd, Spinardi took turns explaining her near 30-piece-deep collection to the likes of Minnie Mortimer Gaghan, Ali Larter, Jennifer Meyer Maguire, and host Alexandra von Furstenberg (left, with Spinardi). Von Furstenberg, who was first introduced to the line when she was in need of a quick suit for a tropical jaunt, is just one of the many beach-bound who have taken to the line’s subtle play on the signature Brazilian heat. In addition to the best-selling, aptly named Capri string bikini, Spinardi is expanding the selection to caftans, sundresses, and beachwear for Resort. But the bikini remains the line’s resounding focus. “I want the collection to be about simple shapes with lots of texture. Using rich fabrics with simple fits. If you’re going to the beach, it has to be wearable.”—Alexis Brunswick

Photo: Donato Sardella

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July 2, 2011

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Another Toddler Is Dead Thanks To Biting And Beating From Mom’s “Babysitter” Boyfriend

Martwane Mackey accused of killing Ty'Shea Austin

This guy truly ain’t sh*t! Three-year-old Ty’Shea Austin is dead after being left in the care of her mother’s live-in thug love Martwane Mackey who has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and child abuse.

Authorities say, Mackey, who is only 18 his damned self, claims he was watching Ty’Shea and her one-year-old sister Zariah on Saturday while their mother Qnique Thues was at work, when she suffered a “choking and respiratory incident.” Rather than call 911 or take the toddler to the hospital, this dumb f*ck “struck and bit” Ty’Shea to revive her.

Eventually Mackey dialed 911 from a payphone — at approximately 2 a.m. but when police arrived to vind him cradling Ty’Shea in his arms, she was already dead.

“Officers attempted CPR and were ultimately unable to revive this child,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Steve Martos, KPHO 5 reported.

Officers found bruises and bite marks on Austin’s head and body. Her younger sister also had similar marks and was hospitalized for her injuries. She is in stable condition.

Mackey has admitted to authorities that he assaulted both girls, but has denied killed Ty’Shea, according to Arizona Republic reports.

“He’s a monster, and people need to know he’s a monster,” Rhonda Brown, Ty’Shea and Zariah’s grandmother, told ABC 15 News. “I don’t think death is good enough for him, I think he needs to be beaten like he beat her.”

Even more sadly, the family lacks the funds to pay for Ty’Shea’s funeral. If you would like to make a donation to help them, you can do so through Wells Fargo to the Ty’Shea and Zariah Memorial Fund, or via the account number 9373518860.

SMH… WHY?????? This dude clearly did not know sh*t about taking care of babies. Why was an 18-year-old boy left with two little baby girls? This babies having babies is just resulting in more babies dead. When is it gonna end?


July 1, 2011

Cornell University Fraternity Pledge Dies Of Alcohol Poisoning, Mother Sues The Frat For $25 Million!

When will these fraternities learn where to draw the line???

You almost never hear about sororities having dead or beaten pledges, these ninjas need to get their lives together!

The heartbroken mother of a Cornell University sophomore is suing a fraternity for $25 million after members allegedly kidnapped her son, blindfolded him, bound his hands and feet, and forced him to drink so much alcohol that he passed out and died.

George Desdunes, the son of a Haitian immigrant, was pronounced dead on Feb. 25 from alcohol poisoning at Cayuga Medical Center. Desdunes’ blood alcohol level was .409 – more than five times the legal limit, according to the family’s lawsuit.

Desdunes’ mother, Marie Lourdes Andre, is suing Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity for $25 million in the wrongful death of her only son…

…Desdunes, 19, a member of the SAE fraternity, was grabbed by the freshmen pledges who tied him up with zip ties and duct tape.

The pledges are alleged to have asked him trivia questions about the fraternity. If he answered incorrectly he reportedly had to do exercises such as sit-ups, or consume various foods and drinks including sugar, flavored syrups and vodka.

We get that these frats are nationwide organizations that do good community works etc. However, we don’t see why anyone would want to be beaten or damn near die just to call a bunch of fools your “brother”. Whatever…

Do you agree with the hazing process or do you think it has gone too far?


July 1, 2011

Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother Beats Her Baby To Death And Takes Corpse Shopping

Jesus take the wheel, step on the gas and drive this woman to the hotspot! What is with these mothers killing their babies?

A Chicago woman is accused of strapping her baby’s corpse into a sling and taking him shopping after killing the three-month old in a drunken rage, local media reported on Wednesday.

Ken Blackman Jr had been dead for eight to 14 hours when the woman wrapped up her shopping trip and went to visit a neighbour, who noticed blood on the baby blanket and called 911.

Prosecutors told the Chicago Sun Times that Toyrianna Smith, 20, beat and suffocated her baby because he wouldn’t stop crying on June 22.

She had been drinking vodka at a friend’s house and spent the night in their guest room with the baby. She slipped out of the house the next day before the baby’s father came to pick him up.

Smith, 20, is being held in jail on a US$1 million (S$1.23 million) bond on charges of first-degree murder.

This is just too awful for words! May this little baby boy rest in peace.


July 1, 2011

Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother Of Two’s Body Found Wrapped In Plastic In Boyfriend’s Apartment

Mother Of Two’s Body Found Wrapped In Plastic In Boyfriend’s Apartment « Bossip /* */Bossip | Gossip for the Hardcore Madame Noire Atlanta Post Hip Hop Wired Bossip Twitter Twitter Home Video Exclusives Sex & Relationships Galleries Tips Brownskin collage View Pics / Read More Dark’N’Lovelies: These Bangers Make It Rain… Hot Chocolate!!! jennifer-and-eric View Pics / Read More Twitter Files: Eric Williams Spazzes On His Ex-Bird Wife Behind Last Nights Episode Of … Dark n lovely View Pics / Read More Dark’N’Lovelies Pt. 2: More Brown Sugar Sisters And Chocolate Hotties Who Make It… will smith acting View Pics / Read More When Rappers Act: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly! Chanel Iman View Pics / Read More Mixed Chicks Making It Rain: A Brief Breakdown Of Multi-Racial Bangers ibeef View Pics / Read More iBeef: Chris Breezy, Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, And Nosy A** Game Engage In Twitter B… Alicia Keys Halle Berry and Thandie Newton View Pics / Read More Mixed Chicks Making It Rain Pt.2: More Multi-Racial Bangers For Your Viewing Pleasure Taraji Henson and Tyrese Ebony Magazine's First View Pics / Read More Exclusive: First Look Inside Ebony Magazine’s First Ever “50 Finest”… weezy View Pics / Read More Three’s Company: The Most Scandalous Celebrity Love Triangles MJ View Pics / Read More Making It Rain On Them Hoes: NBA Ballers That Clocked More Fetti Than Michael Jordan drake topless View Pics / Read More Here’s My Weiner! When Celebrity Men Expose Their Goods alexis phifer kanye west amber rose View Pics / Read More Kanye West’s Ex-Fiancée Alexis Phifer Speaks Out On Amber Rose And Her Yang-Talkin… aaliyahtomboy View Pics / Read More Like A Boy: The Sexiest Women That Have Tomboy Swag [PICS] Nelly and Slim 1 View Pics / Read More Hi Hater: Nelly’s Former Booking Agent Goes Ham On Twitter, Puts Him On Full Bl… lil kim nicki minaj View Pics / Read More How’s That Taste? When Celebrities Have To Eat Their Words « Previous Story Next Story » « Previous ArticleNext Article » Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother Of Two’s Body Found Wrapped In Plastic In Boyfriend’s Apartment

Posted on June 29th, 2011 – By Bossip Staff

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Damn dude, was it that serious? She was someone’s mother, daughter, sister …

The body of a 49-year-old woman was found wrapped in plastic in her boyfriend’s lower East Side apartment Tuesday, police sources said.

The woman, who was not immediately identified, was discovered inside the Stanton St. apartment about 1:30 p.m., cops said.

“She didn’t go to work, the police came to look for her,” said neighbor James Hernandez, 35, adding that the woman works as a home health aide.

“She used to complain to her family about \[the relationship\],” he said. “The relationship was not going well.”

Hernandez said the 58-year-old boyfriend was trying to get the mother of two to move with him to Florida.

“He was trying to convince her to leave with him,” he said. “That’s when things got ugly.”

The city’s medical examiner will perform an autopsy on Wednesday to determine the cause of death, a spokeswoman said.

It was not clear where her boyfriend was when the body was discovered, but he was taken into custody a short while later, sources said.

“She was a working lady – happy and friends with everybody,” Hernandez said. “It’s really unbelievable. She always complained that he was very possessive.”

No one has been charged.

People these days have lost value of life. How will her children go on without her and knowing what this monster did to their mother? The justice system needs revamping ’cause jail time is just not enough. R.I.P.


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Truly sad! Some people are plain crazy and can’t take no for an answer. That is why it is good to always pay attention to your gut instinct that you feel about someone and leave while you can,it may save your life. My prayers go to that victim’s family.


O.M.G.!! #whatthef#ckmoments: this world is completly O.C. They (judicial system) need to come up with a scary ad campaign for domestic violence like they did with cigarettes.. “Beat or harm another and lose the right to reproduce.” Period!!


RIP lady….I never understood why a woman complains about her abusive, over bearing, controlling boyfriend/husband, but continues to stay with them! Get the fvck out…it’s simple! Get a PFA amd move the fvck away…far away! There are orginzations out there to help women with just that!

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