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July 14, 2011

Celebrate World Music Day With Us!

To celebrate World Music Day, we’re bringing you all the top five songs to influence the globe. Check them out here and celebrate decades of music with us!

Who doesn’t know about The Beatles?! One of their most popular tracks, “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” attracted fans from all sorts of demographics. It was the band’s first song to hit the top 100 on the Billboards. It sold better in its first 10 days of release in the US than any other British single, and remains the best-selling Beatles single in the United States, moving over 12 million copies. We’re sure this hit will continue to be a favorite for generations to come.

With a subject that is definitely universal, we’re not surprised that this song gained worldwide recognition. This was the first of Franklin’s songs to chart in England. Her line, “Sock it to me,” became a catch phrase on several television shows. Oh, and that line that no one understands after she spells out “respect?” It’s “Take care, TCB!” And TCB means Taking Care of Business. This is one of the most misunderstood song lyrics of all time!

Bon Jovi’s inspirational lyrics in “Living On A Prayer” made this single one of the most successful and widely known as they come.  Used in several television shows and movies, the track was successful in both the UK and New Zealand as well as the US. The song is about a working couple struggling to make ends meet and Jovi said he was inspired by the economy and society during the time he was writing the hit.

We all watched Slumdog Millionaire (If you didn’t, go watch it) and repeatedly heard A.R. Rahman’s instant hit, “Jai Ho.” Though the song is not sung in English, the beat and the background story from the movie quickly made this song a popular hit… whether you understood it or not! Fans love the style of the music within the song and, of course, the dance number that comes with it. Nicole Scherzinger also remixed the song with the famous composer and now she’s gone Bollywood doing remixes of her own with us!

We are a huge fan of MJ, and of this track that is one of the few songs to have sold over 10 million copies worldwide! With lyrics written straight from the heart, this record has been used worldwide for various benefits and special events. Even after the passing of the pop sensation, “We Are The World” continues to be one of the most popular and respected tracks written by the singer.

We hope you enjoyed this trip back in time and don’t forget to be appreciative of the music we have in our lives that keeps us going everyday! Let us know which song was your favorite!

July 11, 2011

Beyonce Drops Video for ‘Best Thing I Never Had’

Beyonce just released the new music video to her hit song, “Best Thing I Never Had,” and prepare yourselves to see her rocking a little lingerie number throughout the first half. She wears an absolutely gorgeous white gown with gold embroidery on the bodice afterwards, which is meant to be a sexy wedding dress.

The song reminds us of Beyonce’s other man-bashing track, “Irreplaceable.” Although, with a range as strong and powerful as hers, we don’t mind hearing this similar message a few times over as long as we can continue to hear her talented voice come alive in her music.

We love the “This is what you could have had” attitude that she carries throughout this video. Is it as empowering as you hoped it would be?

July 2, 2011

James Franco New Music Video Is Exceedingly James Franco


Floating wigs, lightening and a beat that could have been stolen from Prince‘s recording studio in 1993 via time machine: yup, sounds about right for James Franco’s music video for “Rising.” A track on Franco’s upcoming album Turn It Up with drag performance artist Kalup Linzy, “Rising” seems to declare to the world, “I know that I can overcome all of life’s obstacles… specifically this giant tuxedo-wearing Ghost Franco that follows me around everywhere I go.” The video’s end credits indicate that Franco supplied “additional footage,” which make sense seeing as how he doesn’t actually seem to be audibly singing. Overall we feel like the whole video is just an exercise in creepy smiles and rhyming “me” with “me.” That being said, if someone is interested in making a dubstep remix? We might have a summer jam in the palm of over grinning, bow-tie wearing hands.

June 30, 2011



31may ti 3 june 2010

Karachi expo center

Ever since its inception; the International Plastic & Packaging Industry Exhibition – PLASTI & PACK PAKISTAN has established itself as an important platform for displaying state-of-the-art machinery, materials and process innovations under one roof. The show has attracted key professionals from major sectors including food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household products and chemicals, thus has enabled the exhibiting companies to market their products to a highly targeted audience.

PLASTI & PACK PAKISTAN 2009 highlighted its position as an exclusive B2B event for accentuating profitable business decisions in the plastic, printing and packaging industries. It had the participation of 179 companies from 25 countries with dedicated pavilions of Italy, China, Taiwan and U.A.E. The exhibition was visited by more than 10,000 business professionals and was extensively covered by local and international media with the presence of over 50 electronic and print media representatives.

The 7th Edition of the International Plastic & Packaging Industry Exhibition – PLASTI & PACK PAKISTAN 2010 will offer the exhibitors an unparalleled opportunity to meet with their clients, discuss business prospects and close deals in a highly conducive environment.

download Brochure


AVARI TOWERS Fatima Jinnah, Karachi 75530, Pakistan.

Tel: + 92-111-282-747

Fax: + 92-21-3567-8524



MARRIOTT 9, Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: +92-21-111-22-33-44

Fax: +92-21-3568-0981



REGENT PLAZA Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan

Tel: + 92-21- 3565-7000

Fax: + 92-21- 3563-1521 / 23



BEACH LUXURY M. T. Khan Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: + 92-21-35611031

Fax: + 92-21-35611625 / 35610673


PEARL CONTINENTAL Club Road, Karachi, Pakistan


[50 lines],111-505-505

Fax: +92-21-3568-1835



Karachi, Pakistan

Tel: + 92-21-35633333

Fax: + 92-21-35633225


For Hotel Information kindly contact our Official Hospitality Partner Rakaposhi Tours.

Rakaposhi Tours is the pioneer tour-operating firm in Pakistan. With the advent of time, the firm has been able to establish a broad network of international agents worldwide. Adding new dimensions to its services, Rakaposhi Tours now specialises in making boarding & lodging arrangements and providing touring facilities for the exhibitors and trade delegations within Pakistan as well as abroad.


CABS (Karachi)


Rent A CAR

AVISTel:+92-21-3563-3129 HERTZTel:+92-21-111-365-247


PLASTI & PACK Pakistan offers unlimited opportunities for its participants through establishing:

  • Joint ventures with foreign firms to help raise the standard of the local industry’s manufacturing capabilities.
  • Greater collaboration among scientists, researchers and industry specialists.
  • Enhancement in value and standard of plastic & packaging products for both local consumers and international market.
  • Research & development for evolving better techniques of preservation, packaging and value addition.
  • Substantial financial and technical support to upgrade standard of exportable products in accordance with internationally established standards.
  • Acquisition of latest technology in plastic & packaging industry.
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June 30, 2011

Political music: Rousing the masses

Present day musicians are creating thought provoking music videos and aim to make a difference to the situation in the country. PHOTOS: FILE


“Bum Bum Phatta, Bum Bum Phatta , Kadi Lahore, Karachi tae Kadi Fata” (Bomb explodes, bomb explodes, sometimes in Lahore, sometimes in Karachi, sometimes in Fata).

These are the hilariously ironic lyrics of Ali Azmat’s latest offering “Bum Phatta”, which has gone viral on the internet ever since it was released. The catchy tune, which has socially relevant lyrics addressing a wide array of problems faced by the Pakistani nation, also has a very interesting video. The advent of such satirical songs and videos is nothing new to Pakistani music. We only have to look back to the 90s, to find a number of such bold songs and videos.

The 1995 video of the epic Pakistani tune “Chief Sahab” by the pop legend Sajjad Ali allegedly targeted a certain political party and its workers. It is rumoured that in retaliation to the video, the party worker shaved Ali’s head, following which the singer left Pakistan for good. But the event was never reported anywhere and Ali, who now lives in Dubai, has maintained in all his interviews that he left the country for personal reasons.

Another powerful video of Junoon’s overtly political and anti-state song “Ehtesaab”, which literally translates to ‘accountability’, was released in 1996. The video included footage of a polo horse eating in a posh restaurant and many thought that the image was an indictment of the corrupt political elite, especially former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. The controversial video ended up being banned.

Yet the age of state television, when several controversial videos and films were banned, has past. Now there is a plethora of private channels providing a platform for present day musicians to vociferously voice their socio-political concerns. Here’s a look at a few contemporary socio-political hits with provocative videos.

‘Laga Reh’ and ‘Qismat Apne Haath Mae’

In 2008, the singer-cum-philanthropist Shehzad Roy returned with his new album, Qismat Apnay Haath Mae, and the release of his two videos took the nation by storm. The first song “Laga Reh” depicted Pakistani society in a very hilarious manner; the video showed a lawyer trying to burn a tyre and a rescue team worker robbing a deceased man while the singer Shehzad Roy rocks out in a local bus. The second video for his song “Qismat Apne Haath Mae”, portrays a couple of prisoners (dressed up like the ones at Guantanamo Bay Prison) conspiring to escape jail and shows how one of them manages to escape the death sentence due to load shedding. But as fate had planned, as soon as the inmate escapes, he is hit by a rocket and all this had been pre-planned by a foreigner.


In late 2000, Laal came as a welcome change for Pakistani music as they revisited the revolutionary poetry of masters like Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Habib Jalib. The video of their song “Umeed-e-Sahar” was truly heart-wrenching. Directed by Azfar Ali and Umar Amanullah, the video showed several vehicles stuck in a traffic jam due to a blockade on Karachi’s Chundrigarh road faciliating the movement of Vips.An ambulance carrying a patient in a critical state is also stuck in traffic. The highlight of the video is when a brave individual, struggling to make a way out for the ambulance, is beaten up by policemen. This triggers a spirit of realisation amongst the people who finally step out of their vehicles and stop the VIP movement and succeed in making way for the ambulance.

‘Main Tau Dekhoonga’ and ‘Ab Khud Kuch Karna Parega’

The latest offering by Strings is “Main Tau Dekhoonga”. It is a contemporary take of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem Hum Dekhenge and the beautifully shot video is a sincere song, speaking about hope in tough times. Faisal and Bilal, the band members, stand with a blackboard in a desert and start singing about peace and love. They are surrounded by a number of children who are celebrating, as if they are listening to a nursery rhyme. Hats off to Jaami, the director, for beautifully shooting the video and highlighting a strong message.” Ab Khud Kuch Karna Parega” was performed by Strings along with Atif Aslam, and the video was also directed by Jaami. Even though the song seemed like a half-hearted attempt to showcase social upheaval, it still managed to strike a chord. The video shows the musicians singing in the old streets of Karachi, while images of violence and burning cars are juxtaposed with it.

‘Go Saab Jee’

The front man of Awaz, Haroon has also climbed the bandwagon of political songs. Yet quite like his solo career in music, the song doesn’t manage to leave a lasting impression. Directed by Jalal, “Go Saab Jee” talks about prodigal politicians lavishly enjoying their lives. It ends with Haroon sitting with his hands cuffed and mouth sealed as the characters playing Pakistan politicians dance around him.

Correction: The report earlier read that Sajjad Ali’s song ‘Chief Saab’ and video were regarding a certain political party worker who had then shaved Ali’s head before leaving the country. This is incorrect, the rumor such ran that Ali’s head had been shaved by a political party worker in retaliation to his song ‘Chief Saab’, following which Ali decided to leave the country for good. The error is regretted.

June 30, 2011

Music bands: What’s in a name?

Local bands reveal the inspiration behind their names. DESIGN: SAMAD SIDDIQUI


It was in 2004 that a nascent anonymous band was invited to perform at the 2nd Indus Music Awards. When the group was about to go live, the electrical system at the show “overloaded” due to weak circuit board. This would subsequently inspire the name for the iconic band Overload.

Farhad Humayun, the band’s drummer and founder, fondly relates the tale of how the band came up with their name. “We have always been a live band and many of the things we perform are improvisations. So when we tried to plug in and perform at a music award show, the circuit board could not take the excess load. Hence we started calling the band ‘Overload’.”

Humayun describes the process of naming a band is like naming a child, since an infant’s name often reflects the parents’ world-view. He says that bands adhere to their philosophies while choosing an appropriate title, yet sometimes they even come up with words which hitherto have not even existed, such as “Aerosmith”.

Internationally, several legendary bands have fought legal battles over titles. Roger Waters and David Gilmore faced a civil suit fighting for the ownership of the name “Pink Floyd”. The court ruled in favour of the latter. Locally, Atif Aslam fought with his old group Jal over the band’s name. The high-profile lawsuit was later settled when Aslam decided to pursue his solo career.

In the underground music scene, a band’s name has vital significance for building its first impression and can impact its fan-following. Bilal Muneer of DreamLed and The Others believes that a band should choose a name according to the music genre it performs. The name “DreamLed” was decided after the band performed a jam session influenced by Dream Theatre and Led Zeppelin, while “The Others” was inspired by the band members’ rebellious attitude.

While many bands look for innovation and uniqueness in their names, some mainstream musicians stick to their personal identities such as “Meekaal Hassan Band”, named after the band’s lead guitarist. Haniya Aslam, of the duo Zeb and Haniya says that their band had tried to decide on a name but could not agree on any single title. Hence, they decided to go with their first names.

“It really depends on the attitude of the band, whether it wants to make it gimmicky or look at the band as a project or process,” says Aslam. “If you know your genre, you can make a name accordingly, but we were a bit scared because our music did not belong to any particular genre.”

But such a naming strategy has its own limitations. “If you use your name in the band’s title, you lose ownership of your own name, as it becomes a public property and can be used everywhere,” Aslam explains.

Other renowned bands also have interesting stories to relate about their names.


“Though the first two words “Aunty Disco” were suggested jocularly, the band later added “Project” to the band’s title. “We never wanted a name that would sound like all the other bands such as Mizraab, Aatish, or Toofan. ‘Aunty Disco’ was randomly jokingly suggested during a brainstorming session but we decided to keep it. Subsequently Imran Lodhi (late) and I added ‘Project’ to it, thinking it should reflect the experimental factor that we have in our music,” says ADP’s Yasir Qureshi.


The band had been playing in their college for some time but it was during a college show that the members came up with the name “Strings”, when the quartet had to be addressed for an onstage performance. “We came up with ‘Strings’ on the spot. Very soon, our first album was released. So we never really thought of changing the name because there was an association that had developed with the name and it wouldn’t have been the right thing to change it,” says Faisal Kapadia, lead vocalist of the band.


Fuzon’s name came as a suggestion from friends. Decided 10 days before its formal registration, the band members were sure the name reflected the essence of their music – a blend of eastern and western music. “We wanted to go with something unique. It came from a bunch of friends at the studio one day. We thought the name was simple and the main thing was that people understood what we had been trying to do. Fuzon was the best name because it was simple, effective and different from the word’s English spelling,” says Shallum Xavier of Fuzon.

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