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July 1, 2011

Cornell University Fraternity Pledge Dies Of Alcohol Poisoning, Mother Sues The Frat For $25 Million!

When will these fraternities learn where to draw the line???

You almost never hear about sororities having dead or beaten pledges, these ninjas need to get their lives together!

The heartbroken mother of a Cornell University sophomore is suing a fraternity for $25 million after members allegedly kidnapped her son, blindfolded him, bound his hands and feet, and forced him to drink so much alcohol that he passed out and died.

George Desdunes, the son of a Haitian immigrant, was pronounced dead on Feb. 25 from alcohol poisoning at Cayuga Medical Center. Desdunes’ blood alcohol level was .409 – more than five times the legal limit, according to the family’s lawsuit.

Desdunes’ mother, Marie Lourdes Andre, is suing Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity for $25 million in the wrongful death of her only son…

…Desdunes, 19, a member of the SAE fraternity, was grabbed by the freshmen pledges who tied him up with zip ties and duct tape.

The pledges are alleged to have asked him trivia questions about the fraternity. If he answered incorrectly he reportedly had to do exercises such as sit-ups, or consume various foods and drinks including sugar, flavored syrups and vodka.

We get that these frats are nationwide organizations that do good community works etc. However, we don’t see why anyone would want to be beaten or damn near die just to call a bunch of fools your “brother”. Whatever…

Do you agree with the hazing process or do you think it has gone too far?